Signs You Could Benefit From House Refurbishments
or House Extensions in Cheadle

Changes in the home can occur slowly over time, much like design trends. As a result, your property in Cheadle or the surrounding areas may start to look dated without you even knowing. You could also grow accustomed to the frustration of a small space – simply making the best of a bad situation. At Welba Construction Limited, we help home and business owners to overcome their space-related problems, and serve as more than just a creative team of house builders. Instead, our building contractors take on every facet of house extensions, loft conversions and house refurbishments to craft inspired spaces that satisfy discerning clients.

But how do you know when it’s time to extend, convert or refurbish your Cheadle property? Read on to find out, then contact us in Greater Manchester for a free quotation.

Every Room Has Multiple Uses – There’s nothing wrong with making a bedroom into an impromptu office if you have the space, but once you find yourself surrounded by files in the main dining area, it’s time to look for a solution. House extensions and loft conversions can form an office, studio or hobby area, so you can avoid making your lounge or bedroom into a cluttered mess. House refurbishments from the trusted house builders might also highlight how you use each room.

You’re No Longer House-Proud – Do you tend to meet friends and family at the pub or at their place instead of asking them back to yours? If you look at your kitchen or bathroom and wish they looked a different way, then our building contractors are waiting to take your call. We rectify decorative and structural issues in Cheadle and the neighbouring regions, allowing homeowners to rekindle the love for their everyday living spaces.

A Disused Environment – The loft is a great place to store your decorations and old suitcases, but with space at such a premium, it makes little sense to use it this way. Instead, loft conversions can grant your home an extra bedroom or reading area, with some much-needed storage for the most important items. As professional house builders, we take on a wide range of conversions, with structural work delivered by qualified building contractors.

You Plan to Move Away – Has your time in or around Cheadle come to an end? Those looking to make a change can make big gains with house extensions, conversions and either full or partial house refurbishments. Some sources show that an extra bedroom with en-suite facilities can boost the market value of a property by up to twenty per cent, though this can depend on location. Either way, any improvements made by your local house builders, such as loft conversions and house extensions, will likely offer a high rate of return should you move away.

Structural Concerns – Lastly, any physical damage may signal a more pressing issue, such as a leak or wood rot. Calling a team of building contractors can give you a clear picture of how this impacts your home in Cheadle, enabling you to plan accordingly. In such cases, house refurbishments and renovations will restore the property to suit modern building regulations and allay your growing concerns. This will help retain the property’s value and give you peace of mind going forwards.

If your home in Cheadle could benefit from house refurbishments, loft conversions or house extensions, dial 07446 888343 and speak with Welba Construction Limited.